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  The VAP+ Lipid Panel
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The VAP+ Lipid Panel

  • Is the first comprehensive lipid profile to comply with guidelines (NCEP/ATP III, AACE, and ADA/ACC)
    • Guidelines recommend a comprehensive approach to risk stratification1-3
  • Is the test of choice for accurate, global cardiometabolic risk stratification and management
    • Provides comprehensive lipid analysis
    • Simultaneously and accurately measures cholesterol concentrations of all 5 lipoprotein classes and their subclasses in a non-fasting patient4
  • Clarifies risk and drives a personalized treatment approach based on 3 categories of residual cardiometabolic risk
    • Cholesterol - Directly measures LDL and HDL, providing accurate results in a non-fasting patient. Also measures subclasses including apoB, which reflects atherogenic load.
    • Triglycerides - Identifies triglyceride-rich disorders, including non-HDL, even in patients with seemingly normal triglyceride levels.
    • Heredity - Identifies Lp(a), a hereditary marker of risk.




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"Using the detailed lipid profiles in the VAP Cholesterol Test, we can identify atherosclerosis risk that goes far beyond the capabilities of the standard lipid profile. A cholesterol test which identifies the complete lipid picture can complement lipid risk identification and targeted lipid treatment in our clinical practices."

- Michael E. Cobble, M.D. AAFP, FNLA, Board Certified Clinical Lipidologist (NLA), Certified HTN Specialist (ASH), Masters in Psychopharmacology, Director Private Practice Canyons Medical Center, Adjunct Faculty Univ. Utah School of Medicine
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