Powerful MRI from GE Healthcare Cleared by FDA

The FDA has cleared the Signa 7.0T MRI scanner from GE Healthcare, which is currently the most powerful tool available for clinical purposes. While the magnetic field of a traditional high-end scanner is 3 Tesla, the magnetic field of this latest device goes all the way up to 7 Tesla. Consequently, it provides an unparalleled view of extremely detailed anatomy.

Although the SIGNA 7.0T is optimized for neurological tasks, it can also be useful for detailed imaging of joints, metabolism, and movements that would be difficult to see with a less powerful device. Aside from clinical uses, the scanner may be used for research purposes as well.

The SIGNA 7.0T also includes UltraG gradient technology throughout the entire gradient coil, which helps to maximize the magnet’s strength. With this device, you can expect faster scans, high-resolution, functional MRI imaging, and advanced diffusion.

This device, according to Jie Xue, president, and CEO of GE Healthcare is a vital tool in the study of neurological disorders such as Alzheimer’s and mild brain trauma. It also employs SIGNAWorks software and hardware to perform silentMR imaging, image analysis, and smart slice mapping using deep learning applications.

Specialized imaging instruments for the knee and cartilage are also available. This can aid in close monitoring of the joint as the disease progresses.

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