Strados Labs’s RESP Lung Sound Monitoring Device Received FDA Approval

Strados Labs, a Philadelphia-based medical technology firm, has received FDA approval to bring its RESP lung sound monitoring device to hospitals, clinics, and doctors. The RESP device has been used in clinical studies to determine how clinicians can use it to monitor patient reports, therapies, and other treatments that relate to lung sound alterations.

The device works by placing it on the chest of the patient. It then notes any typical lung sounds like coughs just like a stethoscope do. The results are then recorded and stored digitally in a HIPAA compliant way so that clinicians can easily access the data for monitoring and reviewing purposes.

Dr. Mitchell Glass from the Strados Labs said that this wearable device can be effective at tracking the patients’ health conditions more efficiently and practically. This is because it provides reliable data on the patients’ lung sound records between clinical visits.

Moreover, this device can cancel noise and identify lung sound trends for the clinicians too. Nick Delmonico, Strados Labs’ CEO, and co-founder is excited to finally bring the product to the market. The FDA’s approval is a significant step for his startup and it means so much for the company to realize its mission to make every breath count

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