Powerful MRI from GE Healthcare Cleared by FDA

The FDA has cleared the Signa 7.0T MRI scanner from GE Healthcare, which is currently the most powerful tool available for clinical purposes. While the magnetic field of a traditional high-end scanner is 3 Tesla, the magnetic field of this latest device goes all the way up to 7 Tesla. Consequently, it provides an unparalleled view of extremely detailed anatomy.
Although the SIGNA 7.0T is optimized for neurological tasks, it can also be useful for detailed imaging of joints, metabolism, and movements that would be difficult to see with a less powerful device. Aside from clinical uses, the scanner may be used for research purposes as …

Researches Capture Brain Spheroid’s Internal Structure with Digital Imaging

The Wyss Center and associates researchers have come up with novel imagery and labeling techniques for displaying the brain spheroids’ internal structure. They have also been able to observe the anatomy of single neurons in three dimensions (3D).
Brain spheroids, also known as “Mini brains  by researchers,” are a set of various types of brain cells derived from activated pluripotent stem cells. According to researchers, brain spheroids can be used for a variety of purposes, including drug development, drug testing, and neurological disease studies.
For researchers to examine their structural properties, they must …

FDA Approves Double Black Imaging’s Display for Breast Imaging

Following FDA approval, Double Black Imaging, a Plymouth-based firm that focuses on medical screens and displays, has released an outstanding 12-megapixel monitor designed for use in digital mammography.
The Gemini 12 MP features a screen size of 31 inches. Unlike the previously used two 5-megapixel displays, it can capture 2 different tomography or mammography exams, making it easy to compare them on just one screen. This eliminates the intrusive plastic bezel in between, making it convenient for the doctor.
The monitor includes a high-speed graphics controller that is designed for processing tomo image. It also has custom-…