FDA Approves Double Black Imaging’s Display for Breast Imaging

Following FDA approval, Double Black Imaging, a Plymouth-based firm that focuses on medical screens and displays, has released an outstanding 12-megapixel monitor designed for use in digital mammography.

The Gemini 12 MP features a screen size of 31 inches. Unlike the previously used two 5-megapixel displays, it can capture 2 different tomography or mammography exams, making it easy to compare them on just one screen. This eliminates the intrusive plastic bezel in between, making it convenient for the doctor.

The monitor includes a high-speed graphics controller that is designed for processing tomo image. It also has custom-built calibration software from Double Black Imaging that features a fleet Web Manager calibration system and CFS Client for a rapid and autonomous imaging process.

Since the Gemini 12 MP is a multi-modality monitor, users can easily switch between 6 megapixel and 12-megapixel modes depending on the output of the imaging method is being examined.

Double Black Imaging has also equipped this monitor with a built-in visual test for DICOM and MQSA compliance. Another useful feature on the Gemini 12 MP is the email alerting for an integrated workshop maintenance system. With this feature, users will get email notifications for upcoming maintenance schedules. Furthermore, it allows for control of display settings and users can do calibration testing or remote adjustment.

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