How Long Does It Take to Get a Degree in Medical Technologist?

Are you wondering how long it will take to be a Medical Technologist? Or maybe you are taking your associate degree and can’t wait to be a medical technologist? It will depend on what degree you are considering, the institution, where to pursue the degree, and so on. In general, a bachelor’s degree in medicine Laboratory will take only four years to complete in most colleges.

What Is Medical Technology Degree?

Medical technology is one of the most evolving fields. Most people will describe this career as a medical laboratory consisting of surgical and medical lab techs. To enroll as a medical technologist undergraduate, you require an associate degree, high diploma, short-term certificate courses, or just a high school diploma.

Note that medical techs work alongside doctors, but they are not one. But they can become doctors if they enroll in med school since most of them are undergraduates.

Bachelor vs Associate Degree

For your first medical tech degree, you can enroll in an associate or bachelor’s degree program. It depends on the career path you wish to take and maybe your education qualification. Besides, you can pursue a bachelor’s course after finishing your associate degree program.

So, how long does each take?

Bachelor’s Degree

As mentioned earlier, you only need to commit four years to achieve a bachelor’s degree in countries like Australia. This duration allows you to cover various coursework and essential practical experience. The courses covered include medical technology solutions, management, and leadership. Course work takes the first years of study while students concentrate on clinical practicals in the final year.

Medicine technology courses vary from bachelor’s in Biotechnology, health ethics, genetics, molecular biology, fungi biology, and biostatistics.

Associate Degree

An associate’s degree in medical tech takes two years to complete. Here, you will specialize in the technical part of a medical laboratory with a touch of liberal arts.

Are there any advantages when joining undergrad school with an associate’s degree? Yes!

  • One, you will take less than four years as you will cover lesser courses than those joining undergraduate courses fresh from high school.
  • Taking lesser courses also means paying less in terms of school fees and other student expenditures.

Post Graduate Programs for Medical Technology Duration

Most Master’s degrees take two years. A medical technology Master’s program aims to further your undergrad degree education and qualify for more academic and professional opportunities.

For postgraduate courses, whether master, doctrine, or high, one needs to specialize in either of the following: Immunology, cytotechnologist, clinical chemistry, microbiology, or blood bank technologists.

Do Part-time Medical Technology Degree Programs Take Longer Than Full-time?

Sometimes yes, depending on the learners’ schedule. Working-class students may take longer as they have other daytime commitments. However, you will still find that most full-time and part-time programs take almost the same period, whether offline or online.

Bottom Line

A medical technologist degree will take 4 to 5 years, depending on the university and country. Factors that might make you take longer are barriers like lack of fees, failing exams, and so on.

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